How to Make Your Meeting Rooms Wooing To Your Employees and Clients

How to Make Your Meeting Rooms Wooing To Your Employees and Clients

You have been in this situation. You arrive early in the morning at your office. Upon checking on the noticeboard, you see a memo stating there will be a meeting at 8.00. You want to clarify the venue only to find that it will be in the usual old-fashioned meeting room at the far end of the company.

Most likely, such a thought harms your mood and injures your contribution in the said meeting. Maybe you are no longer an employee there anymore. You are now a business owner. But do you know your employees may be experiencing the same thing in your organization? Here are some of the ways to harness your meeting rooms for better participation:

a. Enhancing the user-friendliness of your rooms

User friendliness is a common term in the internet world. Due to this, people think it is only applicable to the virtual platform. But remember, users, are human beings. If user-friendliness is critical in the digital world, it has a significant impact on the physical arena. One way to achieve a high level of usability in your meeting rooms is through updating of the system in use.

You need to replace the outdated public systems with a digitized one. Also, you should replace your worn out furniture with ones that are attractive and comfortable for the staffs. This way, no staff will wish to miss a meeting regardless of the time you call it.

b. Train your employees to use the installed technology

With the rising rate of virtual meetings and video conferencing, you may have installed these systems to ensure you are on the current trend. However, your employees may have little to zero knowledge of how the technology works.

Thus, when calling upon for a virtual meeting, it will be hard for them to attend which will require you to organize physical meetings. To avoid such scenarios, you should always train your employees how to use technologies available in your meeting rooms.  This will not only enhance their participation, but also it will boost their morale which is a plus in your organization productivity.

c.    Develop easy meeting scheduling

Most likely, your employees have some groups and would like to hold meetings on the business premises. However, several groups may schedule to have a meeting in the same room at the same time. Such a case can be a frustrating moment for either group. Through developing a good meeting schedule, you can avoid cases of double allocation. By doing so, you enhance cooperation and collaboration of your workforce in the organization.

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